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Health Care Projects

Assisted Living Facilities

  • Renaissance at the Gables, Miami, Florida

  • Renaissance West Miami, West Miami, Florida

  • Homestead Medical Center, Homestead, Florida

Medical Clinics Centers

  • CCMC Seabreeze Plaza, Palm Harbor, Tampa

  • CCMC Westchester, Miami, Florida

  • CCMC 701 NW 27th, Miami, Florida

  • CCMC Hudson, Florida

  • CCMC Largo Center, Largo, Florida

  • CCMC Orlando Medical Center, Orlando, Florida

  • CCMC University Collection, Tampa, Florida

Miscellaneous Health Care Projects

  • Cedars Medical Center

  • Cedars Chapel Alterations

  • Doctors Dining Room Remodeling

  • Administration Restroom Remodeling

  • Lobby Restroom Remodeling

  • Nursing Offices - 3rd Floor Surgery Remodeling

  • Dr. Ross Medical Center

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